Central Blood Bank


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Central Blood Bank volunteer.  The staff and management at Central Blood Bank recognize that there are many volunteer opportunities in the community and that finding the right one for you is important.  When deciding which organization to dedicate your time, consider the following benefits about volunteering at Central Blood Bank:

Community Benefits

  • You are helping people right here in your own community.  Central Blood Bank services approximately 40 area hospitals and healthcare facilities in western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio.
  • You are helping people who are truly in need.  Whole blood can help trauma victims, such as people injured in automobile accidents.  Blood products are used in surgery and transplants and for women with complications during childbirth, newborns and premature babies and patients receiving treatment for a variety of illnesses, including many cancers.
  • You are helping individuals of every ethnic, social, religious and economic background.
  • You could potentially be helping a family member, neighbor, coworker or friend.

Individual Benefits

  • Schedule.  We have a schedule that works for you.  If you have flexibility, helping on a mobile blood drive is ideal.  We will call you one to two weeks prior to a scheduled blood drive in your area.  If you are available to help, we’ll send you the details.
  • Personal Recognition.  To recognize your efforts and as a gesture of thanks, we have an annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.
  • Better Health.  Studies show that individuals who volunteer live longer, healthier lives.  To learn more about the benefits of volunteering, visit the Corporation for National & Community Service website.