Central Blood Bank


THANK YOU on behalf of the patients whose lives you have saved this year!

Locally, 77,000 whole blood donations and 14,600 platelet donations were made through Central Blood Bank in the past year.

That’s 245,600 lives saved in the Pittsburgh region and eastern Ohio/northern West Virginia!

Globally, 108 million units of donated blood are collected each year.

(World Health Organization statistic)

That’s 324 million lives saved!!

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Just a few of the lives your blood donations have saved this year

(pictured above, left to right):

  • Matt Kelsey, EMT and Mt. Lebanon firefighter battling leukemia, who needed 30 units of blood and platelets when his body couldn’t produce them.
  • Heather Hunter, born with cystic fibrosis, who needed 65 units of blood plus platelets during her 20-hour double lung transplant surgery.
  • Georgie Casagranda, born three months premature, who needed three transfusions to save her life and make her strong enough to go home.
  • Maverick Turner, born with half a heart, relied on blood products to keep him alive when he was hooked to a heart/lung machine.