Central Blood Bank

“Make up your mind!”

Be honest. This is what you are probably thinking if we ask for platelets donations one day, and double red blood cell donations the next. It also may be confusing if you come to a donation site planning to donate blood, only to be asked for a different blood product instead. Why do we do this?

It’s simple – We respond to patients’ needs. Central Blood Bank is committed to providing the type of blood and blood products area hospital patients need, when they are needed.

Not only do patients’ needs change on a daily – and sometimes hourly – basis, but blood supply needs can be affected by tragedies caused by accidents, fires and severe weather.

Whatever your blood type, there is a specific type of donation that will enable you to help save the life of someone right here in our community. Curious about what donation type you are most suited for? Click here.

Now you know!

Thank you for your continued commitment to being our partner in saving lives.Right Blood Right Time