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Be the Giving Type! O type blood is the most commonly requested by hospitals and Central Blood Bank needs O blood type donors to schedule a donation today.

What should I donate?

63% of all transfusions are red cells, and if you have O positive or O negative blood type, typically making a red cell donation can do the most good. Red cells, which are one of the four components of blood are used for treatment in trauma, anemia, blood disorders such as sickle cell, surgery or any blood loss.

I have an O blood type. What type of donation should I make and how often?

The type of donation you choose to make can depend on several factors such as your blood type’s rh factor, the frequency at which you donate, the amount of time you have to spend during on the donation process, and well as eligibility requirements each procedure may have.

  • Whole Blood: If you are a new or dedicated blood donor who can come in often (3 to 4 times a year) but, feel like your schedule doesn’t allow for the longer donation procedures a whole blood would do the most good. A key factor in maintaining optimal community blood supplies is having donors that we can count on to come in at regular intervals. Plus one whole blood is typically separated out into several other components, which can help support up to three lives in just one donation.
  • Double Unit of Red Cells:  If you are currently making whole blood donations, but can’t make frequent donations we recommend that when you can come in to donate that you make a double red cell donation. During this procedure two units of red cells are collected. You can make this type of donation every 16 weeks or up to 3 times each year. For those donating 1 to 2 times a year because they have a hard time working blood donation into their schedule this is an ideal donation type—and in most cases the donation procedure is even shorter in duration than whole blood donations!
  • Platelets: If you are currently donating platelets you can donate every 7 days. Many of our dedicated platelet donors choose to donate every two weeks, but if you’re new to blood donation or can’t routinely make that type of time commitment don’t let that stop you from donating platelets. Since platelets are almost always in need donating once a month or even every other month helps keep platelets available for those in need.
  • Platelets with a Single Unit of Red Cells: If you add a red cell donation to your platelet donation, you can continue to make platelet donations once every 7 days and would be eligible to make additional red cell donations after 56 days.

Be The Giving Type and schedule your appointment today. Please call 866.366.6771 or click here and search by zip code or group code. Or, visit one of our convenient donor centers.


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