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 If you have O negative blood, you are rare and special.

Rare because only 7% of the population has your blood type. Special because your O negative blood is compatible with everyone, making it the blood type hospitals need most.

There are a number of patients in local hospitals in immediate need for your powerful O negative blood. Please  consider making an appointment at a blood drive or donor center at your earliest convenience. One donation can be the difference for people in emergency situations, newborn babies or patients who require routine blood transfusions.

O negative donors who donate blood from Friday, March 2 through Thursday, March 8, 2018, will receive TRIPLE Donor Rewards points! If you book and keep your appointment, you’ll receive an extra 100 points. Click here to learn more about Donor Rewards. 

If you do not have O negative blood, please be a blood donation ambassador.

The need for blood is epic, but so is your ability to help save lives by sharing the need with friends and family members.  Spread the word! Link to this page via social media! And feel empowered by the knowledge that you’re making a difference.

Schedule your appointment today.
Please call 866.366.6771, download the free Central Blood Bank Donor Mobile App by visiting the Apple App Store (iPhone) or the Google Play Store (Android phones), or schedule online at one of our daily blood drives or at a community donor center.


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Donate Blood. Support Life.