Central Blood Bank

DonorPass Saves Time!


DonorPassCompleting a health history questionnaire is an important part of the blood donation process that is required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can now use DonorPass to complete the health history questionnaire before arriving at the donation location. DonorPass is currently accepted at all community donor center and mobile blood drives.

The FDA requires that the online health history questionnaire be completed on the same day as your donation (beginning at 12:01 a.m.).

DonorPass can now successfully be completed using either Windows or a MAC and saved on your smartphone! We recommend that when using a Mac, you choose to email vs. printing DonorPass before coming in to donate.


Is it true that I can use a Mac with DonorPass?
Yes. This is true. DonorPass is now compatible with Mac’s. We recommend that when using a Mac, you choose to email vs. printing your DonorPass before coming in to donate.

So now I have can either print my DonorPass OR Email it to myself?
Yes.  As long as you have a laser printer, you can print out your DonorPass. If you don’t have a laser printer you can still fill out your Health History Questionnaire. At the end of the questionnaire, you can choose to email your DonorPass to yourself. If you are using a Mac or Safari or Firefox browser we recommend using the email option then you can print your DonorPass from the email or pull it up on your smartphone.

I can now use my smartphone with DonorPass? How?
Yes! You really can use your smartphone with DonorPass. When you fill out the Health History Questionnaire and click finish at the end, you now have a few different options. You can print your DonorPass like in the past OR you can choose to have it emailed to yourself. Then you can pull up the email and open the attachment to scan when you come in for your donation. Don’t forget though if you forget your Health History Questionnaire, you will have to retake it before donating.

Printing can be a little tricky with FireFox and Safari. Can you help me?
It can be a little tricky, but we have this quick FireFox tutorial to help you out. For Safari, it’s best to email your DonorPass to yourself. When you open up the email, your DonorPass will be a pdf attachment that once you click on it, will open to print.

Before starting DonorPass, please make sure that your computer has the following:

  • Internet Explorer 6 or above
  • Firefox 3 or above (email option is recommended; FireFox printing tutorial)
  • Google Chrome X
  • Safari X (email option is recommended)
  • A Laser Printer (if printing)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader  (if printing; If you have not yet installed Acrobat reader you will be prompted to do so.)

To use DonorPass, please click here.

Remember you MUST bring your DonorPass with you to your donation. If you forget to bring your DonorPass, you will be required to retake the Health History Questionnaire before donating. When you arrive, the staff will scan your donor pass and review your health history with you.

If you have questions about DonorPass, click here to view our DonorPass FAQs.  If your question is not answered within our FAQs, you can submit an inquiry through our Contact Us page.