Central Blood Bank



There is no substitute for the generosity of someone willing to support life through blood donation.

Every two seconds, someone needs blood. Blood is needed daily for surgeries, emergencies, medical procedures and cancer treatments. The need, here in the Pittsburgh area, is great.

Central Blood Bank holds thousands of mobile blood drives each year throughout the community, in cooperation with local schools, corporations and organizations. These drives play a vital role in saving tens of thousands of area lives each year.

You can help the community blood supply by hosting a mobile blood drive at your place of work or worship, at a community center or school. Our Central Blood Bank Account Managers will walk you through the process.  We only require a few things:

  • A contact person for the sponsoring organization
  • A committee of two or more people to recruit and schedule donors
  • A room at a facility or a location to park our donor coach
  • Several tables and chairs for registration and canteen

That’s it. Central Blood Bank does the rest. We provide an online registration process, posters, staff, equipment and everyone’s favorite part of the donation process—the snacks and beverages.

If you are interested in hosting a blood drive with Central Blood Bank, please contact us to submit your inquiry. Please include the name and address (including zip code) of your organization, along with a phone number where we can reach you. And let us know if you’d like to host a bone marrow registry drive alongside your blood drive.

If you have a question regarding a past, current or upcoming blood drive, please contact your Central Blood Bank Account Manager directly. If you do not have their direct phone number, please call 866-366-6771 and ask to be transferred to their direct line.