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The need for donations from people with an O blood type is especially great during the holidays.

O positive blood type is the most common blood type and that is what makes it so significant. 37% of the population has O positive blood. Since more people have this blood type than any other blood type, and it can be used for patients with A, B and AB positive blood types, it is transfused often and there is always a need for red cells and platelet donations.

O negative blood type is one of the least common blood types and has special benefits.  O negative blood is special because it can be transfused into any patient, regardless of the recipient’s blood type. O negative blood is used in trauma situations when a patient’s blood type is unknown and is also vital for premature babies and cancer patients. Because only 7% of the population has O negative blood available donors are scarce, and red cell donations from this blood type is always in demand.

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