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Central Blood Bank makes it easy and convenient for you to donate blood.

We offer 20 conveniently-located community donor centers throughout western Pennsylvania. Many donor centers  offer automated and apheresis donation processes, allowing you to platelet, plasma, or double red blood cells.

We also operate several daily mobile blood drives at local businesses, churches, schools and community organizations.

You are sure to find a convenient date, location and time to donate.

Click below for more information about either the donor center or mobile drive options. Thank you for being a lifesaving blood donor.

Community Donor Centers

Mobile Blood Drives

Featured donor center:

Parkway Center, Green Tree

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Finding the Parkway Center donor center located at Central Blood Bank’s offices in Green Tree can be tricky, but it’s worth the search for the final reward – saving lives in a comfortable, fun atmosphere, with experienced staff guiding you through the donation process.

“We’re the best. If your quest is the best experience, you need to come here to the Mothership,” says collection supervisor Tracy Hackett, with tongue firmly in cheek.

The donor center is located in the Parkway Center complex along Greentree Road, in building number five. Look for our building tucked behind the Quest Diagnostics building, which can be seen from Greentree Road.

Tracy has been with Central Blood Bank for 20 years, the last four of them at Parkway Center. She’s the captain of the mothership, always coming up with ways to encourage more donors, like an idea she launched recently called a “platelet party.”

“I like working with people. I’m a people person. I love the donors. I love the mission,” she says.

Kris Olander has worked for Central Blood Bank almost 29 years and the donors are the main reason she loves her job. “I’m here because of the donors, and the meaning of what we do – we’re saving lives,” she says.

Terri Noll has been a regular donor at the Green Tree location for three years. She started donating more than 30 years ago at blood drives where she worked. Now retired, Terri makes regular platelet donations at Parkway Center.

“I enjoy going to Green Tree because I love the people there. They’re really nice, sweet people. First thing I do when I walk in is say, ‘where’s Tracy, where’s Kris?

“Every other Monday when I go there, I feel like I’m going to visit my friends. Afterward, I go shopping, get my taco at Taco Bell, drink my water that Central Blood Bank gives me, and then go play games with the residents at a nursing home.  I have my whole day all set when I go to the blood bank. That’s my whole day to give back to people.”   

Sunnie Fenk recently started donating at the Green Tree location. She had been donating at company and community blood drives but wanted to donate platelets on a regular basis after two close friends were diagnosed with leukemia.

“I knew I had to do SOMETHING, so I made an appointment to donate blood on a Saturday in Green Tree. I met Tracy, and I asked her about donating platelets…what the process was and how it helps.  She explained that platelet donation can help cancer patients, and I decided that THIS is what I was going to do in honor of my friends,” says Sunnie.  “The team at the Green Tree location is awesome, and I love going in there.  We catch up on each other, and I always have a good visit. Honestly, they are the reason I keep going back!”


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