Central Blood Bank

Central Blood Bank makes it easy and convenient for you to donate blood.

We offer 23 conveniently-located community donor centers throughout western Pennsylvania. Many donor centers  offer automated and apheresis donation processes, allowing you to platelet, plasma, or double red blood cells.

We also operate several daily mobile blood drives at local businesses, churches, schools and community organizations.

You are sure to find a convenient date, location and time to donate.

Click below for more information about either the donor center or mobile drive options. Thank you for being a lifesaving blood donor.

Community Donor Centers

Mobile Blood Drives


Featured donor center: Washington PA

Gregory Bryte Washington CDC donor

Every two weeks, Chuck Young and Greg Bryte (pictured above) meet up at Central Blood Bank’s Washington donor center. They hang out for a couple hours giving platelets, then head to nearby Shorty’s restaurant for lunch. The veteran Marines began donating blood while they were active duty, and met at the donor center by chance a few years ago.

“I had no clue who he was before I came here,” says Greg. “But we’re both Marines and struck up a friendship. Now we schedule at the same time to donate platelets.”

“It makes it go quicker when you have someone to talk to. We joke with the ‘girls,’ and they can put up with us,” adds Chuck good-naturedly.

The “girls” he’s referring to are Becky Petka and Joyce Davey. Becky has worked for Central Blood Bank for 42 years, and Joyce for 30 years. Their familiar faces and friendly demeanors are the reason many of the donors become “regulars.” They’ve built up a rapport with donors like Chuck and Greg, and they kid and tease each other, as good friends and family do.

When you donate at one of Central Blood Bank’s community donor centers, you’re not only welcomed into a cozy setting where you can settle in and watch TV or use the free WiFi, then enjoy snacks in the kitchenette afterwards – you are treated like family.

“They’re the biggest reason we come to the donor center – Joyce and Becky,” says Greg.

“If you came in here and it was all businesslike, you wouldn’t look forward to coming in. When you’re sitting here for two hours, you gotta enjoy it,” adds Chuck.

Becky appreciates every donor who walks through that door, and it shows. “No matter how busy we are, I take the time to smile, welcome each donor and make them feel special,” says Becky. “I love working with the donors. Everyone who comes through the door, in my eyes, is a hero. They are coming in here to voluntarily save the lives of complete strangers.”