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Central Blood Bank makes it easy and convenient for you to donate blood.

We offer 22 conveniently-located community donor centers throughout western Pennsylvania. Many donor centers  offer automated and apheresis donation processes, allowing you to platelet, plasma, or double red blood cells.

We also operate several daily mobile blood drives at local businesses, churches, schools and community organizations.

You are sure to find a convenient date, location and time to donate.

Click below for more information about either the donor center or mobile drive options. Thank you for being a lifesaving blood donor.

Community Donor Centers

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Featured donor center: Greensburg

Greensburg CDC banner


Carla Hornock likes to stop in at our Greensburg donor center to donate platelets on a Saturday morning, then do her weekly shopping at the nearby stores before heading home to Delmont. It’s a routine she began about two years ago, after originally donating at her workplace, Mercy Hospital.

“It’s easier than donating on my lunch break. And everyone here is nice,” says Carla. She began donating because her mother needed a transfusion many years ago, and likes knowing her donation will help people like her mother.

“I thought, if it weren’t for people donating, she wouldn’t have gotten what she needed. That’s really what got me started.”

Our Greensburg donor center is located right along Route 30, in the Greengate Commons shopping plaza, making it convenient to people who live in the eastern portion of Central Blood Bank’s collection area.

Convenience is a factor many regular donors cite as a reason they like to donate – donors like Brian Evans of Youngwood, who’s approaching his 65th donation of blood and platelets. But that’s not his only reason for donating regularly in Greensburg.

“It’s a good group of people here,” he says. “My Dad used to donate all the time and that’s something I guess I can say he instilled in me. It doesn’t cost you anything but a little bit of time.”

Doug Smartnick has been donating blood and platelets for 40 years, the past two years at the Greensburg donor center. The donor center is only a few miles from his house. “It has nice people. It’s convenient. I like the hours. I can get in here early Saturday morning, donate, and then get on with my day.”

The warm feelings donors have for the staff are mutual. Supervisor Melissa Smith and Frank Crawford have both worked there about eight years, and “met a lot of nice people along the way,” says Melissa.

Frank trained in Greensburg and after working on mobile drives for several years ended up back there. “Ever since then, it’s felt like home,” he says. “Donors are so nice and so generous. They ask about my family and I’ve gotten to know a lot of their families.”

Come join the family at our Greensburg donor center. We look forward to meeting you. Hours are noon to 7 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturdays.


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