Central Blood Bank


Plasma is the pale yellow liquid component of blood that contains clotting factors and other nutrients and transports cells through the bloodstream. Plasma helps replace lost fluids and other blood proteins in burn victims. Plasma products are also used in the treatment of bleeding disorders, liver failure and severe infections.

Compatibility with plasma transfusions is slightly different than red blood cell transfusions. Blood type AB is the universal plasma donor; regardless of type, everyone can receive AB plasma.

Additionally, very few patients need AB positive or AB negative red blood cells. It is much more helpful for donors with blood type AB to donate plasma.

Plasma donors are eligible to donate every 29 days.

The qualifications for plasma donors are similar to those for whole blood donations. The minimum age is 18 (16-and 17-years-old with signed parental consent form*). Plasma donors must weigh at least 110 pounds.

*Download the parental consent form in English or Spanish (will open as a .pdf).

Because there is a special process involved with donating plasma, Central Blood Bank collects plasma at specific community donor centers:

Butler Monroeville
Cranberry Moon Township
Downtown Pittsburgh North Hills
Green Tree South Hills
Harmar/Fox Chapel Area Washington