Central Blood Bank

DonationTypesCentral Blood Bank collects five types of blood donations.

The majority of blood donors donate whole blood, which is separated into its three components: platelets, plasma and red blood cells.

Most blood is transfused to patients as these separate components; the patient receives only the component that he or she needs.

It is also possible, through special donation processes, to donate just one component at a time. Your blood is separated on-site, instead of in our labs, and the component most needed (based on your blood type) is retained, while the rest is returned to you through the same arm.

One of our goals at Central Blood Bank is to collect the right components from the right donors – we can provide the hospitals with exactly what they need based on the needs of the patients they are serving. For more information on what type of donation you should make based on your blood type, click here.

To learn more about a donation type (including the specific donation process and donor qualifications), click on the appropriate title.


    • Apheresis