Central Blood Bank

Questions about the Program


BL Rewards Program Introduction

What is the BL Rewards program?

The BL Rewards program recognizes and rewards donors who have committed to supporting life through blood donation.

What are the benefits of joining the BL Rewards program?

Every time you successfully donate, you earn points that can be redeemed in our Online Store.  In our Online Store, we offer a Visa® Prepaid Gift Card*, accepted at thousands of locations.  (Points can also be donated to support charities that share our goal of supporting patients.)

The more you donate, the bigger your rewards.

You also get perks for being a donor, including a mini-physical and the ability to track wellness information. It’s a free and easy way to live well.

*This card is issued by MetaBankTM, Member FDIC

How do I sign up for the BL Rewards program?

Blood donors may enroll in the BL Rewards program at the time of donation in any Central Blood Bank community donor center or fixed site or at any Central Blood Bank mobile blood drive.

You can also sign up by calling 1-866-DONORS-1 (1-866-366-6771) and speaking to one of our customer service representatives or by completing the online enrollment form.

May I register a friend or relative for the BL Rewards program?

Each donor needs to personally register for the BL Rewards program.

Questions about Points and the Online Store


BL Rewards Program Points/Online Store

What are BL points?

BL points are a key benefit of the BL Rewards program.  BL points enable program members to shop in our Online Store.  BL members have the opportunity to use their points to purchase a Visa Prepaid Gift Card* or a Know Your Type T-shirt, or can choose to donate their points to other not-for-profit organizations with which we have partnered.  Visit our Online Store.

*This card is issued by MetaBankTM, Member FDIC

How do I earn BL points?

A donor must first become a BL member.  BL members receive points for each successful donation.

Points are dependent upon the donation type.  (Click here for a list of how many points are earned with each donation.)  Your points are automatically credited to your BL account after each visit. It may take up to 48 hours after a donation for the points to appear in your account.

Log in to your online account, where you can view how many points you have accumulated.

How many BL points do I receive per donation?

Points vary depending on donation type.  View a list of donation types and their point allocation.

Where can I find points awarded for all donation types?

Donors can find a list of each donation type and associated points on the Points Overview page.

Can I earn bonus points?

Yes, BL members have opportunities to earn bonus points.  View a complete list of bonus point options.

How many BL points do I need to start earning rewards?

The amount of points needed to redeem an item varies depending on the reward.  Visit our Online Store to view items and their associated points.

How do I view and redeem my BL points?

To see your current point balance and redeem those points for Online Store items, follow these steps:

  1. Click here to visit the Online Store
  2. Choose an item by clicking on the image
  3. Click “Log in to order this item” at the bottom of the page
  4. Enter your donor ID and password
    • If you have never logged in before, follow the steps to log in for the first time
  5. Click Online Store
  6. Choose the item you would like to order by clicking on its image
  7. Click Add to Cart
  8. Click Check Out
  9. Confirm your address and your order


How do I redeem my BL points for Online Store items if I do not have internet access?

If you do not have internet access, please call 1-866-DONORS-1 (1-866-366-6771) to speak to a customer service representative.  You may also call the Donor Programs Coordinator at 412-209-7107.

Will I receive any BL points for my past donations?

Donors receive points for all donations from the time they enroll.

What if I donate to support life and not for the BL points?

As a BL member, you earn points with each donation.  If you choose not to redeem your points for the items in our Online Store, you can donate them to a not-for-profit organization with which we have partnered or simply to let them sit in your account.

When do my BL points expire?

BL points expire 13 months after blood donation inactivity. (“Activity” is defined as being a participating donor, or presenting to donate.)

May I transfer my BL points to someone else?

Points are an expression of gratitude to you for supporting life by donating blood.  You are not able to transfer them to another person.

I donated yesterday, but my BL points aren’t showing up in your system.

It may take up to 48 hours for your BL points to appear in your account in our system.

If in seven days your points are not available, please call 1-866-DONORS-1 (1-866-366-6771) or submit an inquiry through our Contact Us page, and a customer service representative will be happy to help you.

Questions about the Advanced Wellness Check


BL Rewards Program Advanced Wellness

What is the Advanced Wellness Check?

One of the benefits offered after your third successful donation each calendar year is an Advanced Wellness Check, which provides donors with a lipid profile test.  This lipid profile, consisting of an LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides check, can determine the risk of coronary artery disease.  These tests have been shown to be indicators of whether or not someone is likely to have a heart attack or stroke caused by blocked blood vessels.

Donors can receive an Advanced Wellness Check only one time per calendar year.

Who is eligible to receive the Advanced Wellness Check?

This benefit is reserved for BL members who have successfully donated at least three times in a calendar year.

How do I schedule my Advanced Wellness Check?

You do not need to schedule an appointment for your Advanced Wellness Check; walk in to a community donor center, fixed site or mobile blood drive (wherever you typically donate) and tell a Central Blood Bank staff member that you are there for your Advanced Wellness Check.

What should I do before receiving my Advanced Wellness Check?

You must fast for 12 hours prior to getting tested; this will help ensure accurate results.

Where can I find the results of my Advanced Wellness Check?

Your results will be available in the Wellness Center section of your online account.

When will the results of my Advanced Wellness Check be available?

Results will be available online within seven to 10 days of testing.

If I do not have internet access, how can I receive my results?

Call 1-866-DONORS-1 (1-866-366-6771) and provide the required information to our customer service representative or leave the information on our voicemail when prompted.

The results of your Advanced Wellness Check will be retrieved from your account and can be mailed to you confidentially.